We have asked one of our past students a few questions…

Marco de Oliveira, managing member of Solver Property Services
Marco de Oliveira
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I live in Johannesburg. I have always found the property game intriguing and 7 years ago I made a career decision to move from the IT industry into Property by making use of my strong organisational, IT and financial skills.

I started working for a property development company, which provided me with insight into many of the operational, legal and contractual issues that often become problems for managing agents and Bodies Corporate once a development is handed over.

Shortly after that I was offered the opportunity to manage one of  their Sectional Title developments, at which point I decided to enter the property managing industry and established Solver Property Services, where I have been a managing member for the last 5 years.

What was your motivation for enrolling in the Paddocks courses you have completed?
In my company we have always strived to offer a high quality of professionalism to go with our unique hands on style of management. In order to be the best in our field, we felt that we needed to align ourselves with the leaders in the industry. Through researching various avenues of Sectional Title training, we found Paddocks to be highly recommended by both NAMA and other peers in our field.

What did you enjoy about the courses?
All the courses I have completed were extremely well thought out. I found them not only extremely helpful in increasing my knowledge, but my skill sets too.

UCT (Law@Work) Sectional Title Scheme Management Course: I specifically enjoyed the practicality of this course. The assignments component is invaluable as it provides one with realistic case studies of situations requiring one to apply the knowledge learnt in the course. This is a definite must for anyone wanting to become a successful Managing Agent. We ensure that all our existing and future staff have this as a basic requirement.

Law of Sectional Title Meetings Course: this course certainly shed new light on how badly run Sectional Title Body Corporate and Trustee meetings can be. It teaches one the basic necessities for calling, attending and minuting meetings. The chapter on the “Chairman’s Role” was particularly useful in successfully guiding and assisting  our Body Corporate Chairpersons, effectively.

Sectional Title Bookkeeping Course: although this course has a lot of elements that might seem repetitive for operating bookkeepers, there were many elements that I did not know and have now been able to apply to improve my business. Even though I felt the workshop covered too much material for such a short time,  I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions and input during class as well as the excellent tutoring and experience of Clint Riddin.

How have these courses helped you?

Not only has my knowledge of the Sectional Title industry increased exponentially since completing the Paddocks courses, but it has helped tremendously in motivating me to grow Solver Property Services by effectively offering the professionalism that I envisioned with my new found confidence.

Any additional comments?
In my experience as an active Trustee, during interaction with other Trustees and during presentations for new business, I am always shocked at the high number of  Managing Agencies who lack knowledge and the necessary skills to perform their duties effectively, which negatively impacts on the effectiveness of Bodies Corporate and gives Managing Agents in general, a bad reputation. I therefore encourage all prospective and existing Managing Agents to participate in such courses to make the Sectional Title industry and living, better for everyone.

Article reference: Volume 5, Issue 1, Page 5.

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