Sectional Title Templates

Specialist Sectional Title Publication


Graham Paddock


1st Edition

*Available as individual templates in the eStore


R14.90 per template (Incl. VAT)

Now Available

All PDF Sectional Title Templates bundled into one digital zip file for R595.

There are over 50 templates in the eStore created by Graham Paddock, used in the day-to-day management of sectional title schemes. Examples of the templates include applications to the trustees for consent to alter common property, complaint notices, breach notices, contracts of appointment for body corporate service providers, meeting notices and agendas, task planning lists, draft trustee reports, levy and arrears notices, levy clearance certificates and so on.

Each template provides the reader with the relevant provisions of the Sectional Titles Act and prescribed rules that are applicable to the content of the template as well as Graham’s suggested wording and formatting. The templates also include explanatory notes designed to assist the person completing the form.

Using these templates you can be rest assured that things are being done in accordance with the relevant laws and rules.

  • Chapter 1: Administrative management

  • Chapter 2: Financial management

  • Chapter 3: Physical management

The Templates Book has been designed to provide examples for use and adaption by managing agents, trustees and owners in the process of scheme management.

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