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Colin GrenfellColin Grenfell has been a very diligent Paddocks student and already has four courses under his belt: the standard and advanced UCT Sectional Title Scheme Management courses, the Sectional Title Bookkeeping course and the HOA Management course. And he’s not just doing it for fun, either: a few years ago Colin took a big step and embarked on a brand new career in sectional title scheme management.

Colin worked as a banker for most of his life, specialising in foreign exchange and international trade. His exciting and fulfilling career took him all the way to Tanzania, a country whose people left a deep impression on him. Colin and his wife returned to South Africa in 2004 when he retired from banking. He was introduced to his new career and company, Whitfields, through his involvement in the sectional title scheme he had invested in.
Colin saw great personal and professional value in the Paddocks courses. “On embarking on what was for me a completely new career with Whitfields, it was essential that I increased my skills and knowledge as quickly as possible. The professional courses offered by Paddocks have more than proved to be the answer.” He has thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and the online platform. “I found the distance learning process very professional and easy to understand and the forum particularly useful in furthering my understanding.” He plans to keep in touch with the many useful contacts he has made.
Colin is full of praise for Whitfields, who prioritise the training, development and education of staff. He says that Paddocks has played an essential role in fulfilling these training needs. He adds that the company prides itself on its high level of service and is always eager to use the most modern techniques that suit changing local circumstances.
If Colin has one wish for Paddocks, it would be that the courses are transformed into a BA university degree: their useful and comprehensive content would provide great material for a formal degree program.

The Paddocks Press team wishes Colin all the best in his work, and we hope to see even more Whitfields staff on the upcoming Paddocks courses!

Whitfields have sent 29 students on the University of Cape Town (Law@Work) Sectional Title Scheme Management course. Thanks to Colin and Whitfields for their support.
Article reference: Volume 5, Issue 5, Page 3
This article is published under the Creative Commons Attribution license.