Topic: Parking problems in sectional title
Date: 20 May 2018
Interviewer: Bonnie Mbuli on 567 CapeTalk radio station

In this interview, Zerlinda talks to Bonnie Mbuli about the problems experienced in sectional title schemes relating to parking, including both allocated and unregulated. This is a problem that occurs so often in schemes that it makes up one of the 3 P’s of sectional title problems being pets, parking and people. Zerlinda also discusses what the conduct rules allow for and how they limit people, when it comes to parking within the scheme, especially for visitor parking bays.

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Zerlinda van der Merwe is an admitted Attorney of the High Court, specialist Sectional Title Attorney (BA, LLB, LLM), Zerlinda brings a wealth of experience and forms part of the Paddocks Private Consulting Division.


  • Heide Botha
    16/08/2018 07:18

    Very interesting listen.
    How do you deal with a disabled person requiring special parking?

  • Cathy Smith
    28/09/2018 15:05

    Can members be forced to pay a monthly fee for allocated or unregulated parking at a Sectional Title?

    • Paddocks
      05/10/2018 10:38

      Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for your comment. We would love to help, however we do not give free advice. Here’s how we can help:

      – We offer a 1-week Free Basics of Sectional Title short course.
      – We offer consulting via telephone for R490 for 10 minutes. Please call us on 021 686 3950.
      – We have Paddocks Club, an exclusive online club, to help you get answers to your questions about community schemes.

      Kind regards,