Template – Notice of and Agenda for Trustee Meeting

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About this template

Any trustee can call a trustee meeting by giving all the others written notice with a time, date and agenda, but in urgent cases shorter reasonable notice may be given. No notice of a physical meeting need be given to a trustee outside the RSA.

Trustees can in writing resolve to set dates and a standard agenda for future meetings and give one notice of all of them.

The trustees can arrange remote attendance meetings if they are accessible to all entitled to attend, allow participants to communicate and allow the chairperson to confirm participants’ identities.

Members, registered bondholders, future development right holders and the managing agent can attend trustee meetings and speak, but cannot propose motions or vote. Non-trustees  can be excluded for rule breach discussions and when the trustees decide they should not be present.

If a non-trustee is entitled to notice of trustee meetings if s/he in writing requests it, but must pay the associated delivery costs.

Law: PMR 11(1), (2), (3), (4) and (5).

This form can be signed by any trustee.