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Rights of executor of deceased estate

Member’s question:

Good day Paddocks,

A son was made Executor of his parents section, does he as the executor then have the right to be represent the section, attend and vote at owners meetings? Does this have to be made official first at the courts?

Jennifer’s answer:

Dear member,

Assuming the son has been officially appointed as Executor by the Master of the High Court then he can exercise all the rights of the owner.


Tips for inaugural AGM

Member’s question:

Hi Paddocks,

We have been appointed as the managing agent of a new complex that has just been registered and all the units have been purchased from the developer. We need to hold their first Annual General Meeting.

I have not yet had to do this and hope you can assist with the following:

1. Does the Developer have to be present at the meeting?
2. How do we determine their budget? Will it be like normal?
3. Are there any items in particular that need to be addressed outside of the norms of an AGM?

I look forward to your advice.

Jennifer’s answer:

Dear member,

1. In terms of PMR 16 the developer should call the first general meeting and is required to hand over a number of important documents to the BC at or before that meeting so it is usual for the developer to attend or at least be represented at the first meeting. But PMR 16 does not specifically say that the developer must be in attendance.

2. Preparing the budget for the first meeting should be like normal, but if you’re aware of any unusual or once-off expenses that the scheme may have as a result of being a new scheme, these should be taken into account.

3. If you stick to the agenda set out in PMR 16(2) you will be fine! It’s not an ordinary AGM but there are some similar agenda items like approving the budgets, appointing an auditor, electing trustees etc.

Good luck!

Kind regards

Article reference: Paddocks Press: Volume 18, Issue 2.

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