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CSOS applications between neighbouring complexes

Member’s question:

Good day Paddocks,

Is CSOS designed for disputes within a complex or can one complex make an application against a neighboring complex?

Thank you.

Graham’s answer:

Dear member,

No, CSOS can only deal with administrative management disputes within a particular scheme, not disputes between schemes.


Can trustees ignore a spending restriction to address urgent repairs?

Member’s question:

Hi Graham

A sectional title scheme requires emergency repairs after a heavy storm. The trustees have a restriction in place with regard to expenditure on any one item. As this is an urgent and unforeseen emergency, do the trustees need to approach all owners for their permission to fix the roof or can the trustees go ahead with the repairs?


Graham’s answer:

Dear member,

Generally, these spending restrictions are on the lines of: “trustees cannot spend more than X-amount on any unbudgeted item without owner’s permission.”

The trustees are bound by an owner restriction. So yes, they do need to go back to owners if they want to deviate from that limitation.

Kind regards

Article reference: Paddocks Press: Volume 17, Issue 8.

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