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Does a paid trustee need to hold a Fidelity Fund Certificate?

Member’s question:

Good day Paddocks,

Does a paid trustee need to get a Fidelity Fund Certificate?
If so, who is responsible to pay the FFC fee? (Body Corporate or the paid trustee?)

Thank you

Graham’s answer:

Dear member,

Yes, they will be a property practitioner.
The paid trustee will have to pay any associated costs.


Can trustees remove a violent tenant with immediate effect?

Member’s question:

Hi Graham

One of the tenants in a complex was involved in a violent outburst involving a firearm, that could have resulted in injury to other residents. The police were called and he was removed from the scheme. He has now returned to the scheme, and the owner of the unit has issued a notice that the family are to leave in one month, however, some residents have requested that the trustees have him removed from the scheme immediately and the trustees are wanting to do so. Can this request be enforced by the trustees?

Graham’s answer:

Dear member,

This is a difficult situation, but no, you need to tell the trustees that the body corporate does not have the legal authority to require the resident to move out.

Kind regards

Article reference: Paddocks Press: Volume 17, Issue 6.

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