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Can a special levy /contribution be payable over 12 months?

Member’s question:

Good afternoon

Can you please let me know what the maximum period a special levy can be implemented for.

We have a body corporate that wants to do a special levy over 12 months – Are they allowed to do that?


Graham’s answer:

Dear member,

A special contribution / levy can only be raised for an amount that needs to be urgently collected, i.e. cannot wait until the next annual general meeting (AGM) to fund it via the admin fund levy. So the period of the special levy should never extend over 12 months, as whatever is required in the next accounting period should not be included, but budgeted for ordinarily.

Trustees sometimes see a “special levy” as being a levy to fund a particular/special expense. This is wrong.


Can a developer’s last unit be removed from the scheme?

Member’s question:

Good day Paddocks Team,

We have recently been appointed as the M/A for a sectional title of 21 units.

This sectional title were previously an investment of one owner that decided to sell the units and to register this investment as a sectional title.

After the first general meeting the owner/developer decided that unit 21 must not form part of the sectional title after the budget and participation quota (PQ) have been approved by owners.

What will the steps be to remove this unit from the sectional title? If possible at all?

I will appreciate it if you can assist me in this matter?

Graham’s answer:

Dear member,

It is not unusual for a developer to want to wash his hands of the body corporate, but it is very complex and expensive to remove a unit from a scheme. In practice it is usually impossible.

I suggest that you should tell the developer, who wants to remove unit 21, that his first step should be to talk to the local municipality to see if this is even possible. If it is, then he should go to his attorney to get advice on how it could be done. The technical steps include:

1. Municipal permission for subdivision of the common property to create a new erf around what is now section 21.

2. Body corporate by unanimous resolution alienates the property to be transferred.

3. Section 21 is “destroyed” from a legal perspective, with bondholders’ consent.

4. Body corporate transfers the common property, around where section 21 was, to the developer.

The process requires a number of new sectional plans, unanimous resolutions and substantial legal costs.

In the meantime, you have to manage the scheme on the basis that the developer is an owner, he must pay levies and is bound by the body corporate’s rules.


Article reference: Paddocks Press: Volume 14, Issue 05.

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  • Hi guys, I live in a sectional title complex and the trustees want to call a special levy fir the painting of the upper block and only the upper block was asked topay a special levy. However a few years ago the bottom block was painted and no special levy was required. It my knowledge I thnk soeciallevy should be paid by everyone not only the top block, also painting is not a emergency, to require a special levy . Please assist

    • Paddocks
      28/02/2020 08:58

      Hi Nicole,

      Thank you for engaging.

      That’s a great question. This is something our attorneys would be able to assist with. Please email us on with regards to your matter, and we can provide you with a no-obligation quote, so that we can assist you.

      Kind regards,