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Owner/Trustee/Caretaker remuneration

Member’s question:

Good day Paddocks,

An Owner that is part of the Trustee committee and also elected as a Caretaker that receives a remuneration from the Body Corporate.

1. Can such person (owner, trustee & caretaker) in his capacity as a Caretaker received a remuneration?
2. If so, how must such appointment be done?
3. May this person be all 3 of the mentioned titles (owner, whom is a trustee, whom also is a caretaker)?

Thank you!

Anton’s answer:

Hi there,

This is quite a common question. It’s technically ok but there are difficulties that make this situation uncomfortable; we recommend avoiding the situation because of the potential for other owners to see a conflict of interest.

PMR 6(2) says an employee of the body corporate cannot be a trustee unless that person is an owner in the scheme.
PMR 6(3) says a trustee cannot take any part in a trustee decision in which he or she has a personal interest.
PMR 8(2) says owner trustees may not be paid for their services as a trustee without the authority of a special resolution.
PMR 21(3)(e) requires employees of the body corporate to be appointed in terms of a written contract.

Two problems:

1. The duties of a caretaker can be seen as duties of the trustees.

2. One can’t be the employee and the boss at the same time.

Real right to extend

Member’s question:

Good day,

If a developer has a real right to extend, how do one deal with his liability to pay levies since you can not use PQ values?

Anton’s answer:

Hi there,

Section 3(1)(d) requires the body corporate to require the developer to make contributions to defray the body corporate’s costs with respect to the part/s of the common property subject to the reserved rights.

So the developer must just cover the body corporate’s costs for the area.

Article reference: Paddocks Press: Volume 13, Issue 8.

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