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Discount on contributions paid on or before due dates

Member’s question:

Good Morning

Since the new legislation allows for levy discount, we now have a request from an owner who is willing to pay 10 months levies in advance but wants 2 months discount.

The scheme has not yet had an Annual General Meeting to discuss and amend the budget to allow for discount.

How would one deal with this matter?

Anton’s answer:


The discount can be to a maximum of 10%, two months contribution is 16% – if my maths is correct – so this owner cannot receive that much discount.

As you indicate, the discount can only be instituted if it is accommodated in the budget, which means approval at the Annual General Meeting.

I think you should pass this request on to the trustees and explain the details so they understand properly and can formulate a reply to this owner.



Votes at Annual General Meeting

Member’s question:


If a unit is registered in the husbands name and the garage is registered in the wife’s name as the title holder, do they have two votes on the AGM?

If a unit and garage is registered in an owner’s name, does he have two votes.

In both instances there is a title deed for the unit and the garage.

Anton’s answer:


Section 1 defines an owner as the person in whose name the unit is registered at the Deeds Registry.

If the flat and the garage are registered as separate sections, they can be owned by different persons and each will be a member of the body corporate, entitled to exercise one vote in number and the vote value of the section they own.

A member has one vote in number, no matter how many sections he or she owns, but exercises the total vote value of all the sections they own.

I would check that the “title deed” for the garage is not a certificate of real right for an exclusive use right, which will also come up on a Deeds Web search.


Article reference: Paddocks Press: Volume 12, Issue 04, Page 04.

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