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Kate Blake Paddocks Club – which was launched earlier this year as an online support and learning platform for sectional title, home owners’ association and other community scheme owners and service providers – has grown from strength to strength. The club was started because there was a need for those involved in community schemes to get access to affordable help for their problems or support in the choices they were making.

Paddocks Club“Prof Paddock probably has no idea what a joy it is to be able to consult an accepted expert on the Sectional Titles Act and receive clear and concise replies, rather than the convoluted and vague opinions that we are bombarded with from self-styled experts.” Feedback from a Paddocks Club Community Member (sectional title owner).

The most popular feature of Paddocks Club is the discussion forum; every workday, Graham is asked a range of questions by the Community Members. It is interesting to read the different types of questions from different role players and people who have different levels of experience in sectional titles or HOAs. Graham provides guidance and direction on the many decisions our members make in their various roles. These members are accountants, attorneys, auditors, bankers, chairpersons, developers, estate agents, managing agents, trustees, unit owners and more. There are currently over 250 Paddocks Club members.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our resources are up to date. When the amendments to the Sectional Titles Act regulations were made on 28 October, our members had access to the updated Act on the same day and we emailed the members a list of the changes and amendments. Graham has also created three videos on this subject, two describing the changes and one that cleared up some misunderstandings people have had about them. When the STSM and CSOS Acts come into operation, our members will be the first to know.

Other facilities at Paddocks Club include video tutorials – Graham addresses common misunderstandings that people have and explains legislation changes that are going to happen; weekly newsletters – which include industry updates and noteworthy discussions that members can learn from; and the Navigator – an interactive subject index tool, where you can quickly find all the references to a word or phrase in the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986, the prescribed management and conduct rules and the Sectional Title Survival Manual (electronic version). We also have a library of growing resources for all types of community schemes.

Sectional title plans have just been added to the website. Although everyone may search through these plans, only our Community Members may download them. We are always looking at ways to add value for our members and we look forward to what 2012 has in store.

The community is growing every day and it is such a wonderful project to be a part of. But don’t take it from me – here are some quotes from our members:

Just a word of encouragement to you and Paddocks Club, particularly for such efficiency in providing outstanding service to the industry, and especially for the professional manner in which Graham and the team interact with all the role players.

The Club is a fantastic ongoing learning tool. Although one feels one understands the Sectional Titles Act, it is so complex and can be interpreted incorrectly, so it is good to have this forum to get clarity. Frances, estate manager

Paddocks Club allows me to address challenges that arise in the daily managing of bodies corporate with a sense of security and peace of mind. Graham’s answers and comments to both my questions and various suggested solutions I have for my clients help me to deliver a far more confident and professional service. Gavin, managing agent

The replies are quick, concise, easy to understand and not at all ambiguous. I would suggest that at least one trustee per sectional title subscribes to Paddocks Club. Stephne, trustee

Article reference: Paddocks Press: Volume 6, Issue 11, Page 4
Kate Blake is the dedicated Paddocks Club facilitator. Contact her for more information about how the club can benefit you; 021 447 4130 or
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