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Tony Lund and Nohlene Kieck
Nohlene Kieck, who lives in Ruimsig, is a qualified chartered accountant and a partner at Lund & Kieck, an audit practice. She started her career at Barlows, where she found that everybody was a qualified CA and decided to get the qualification for herself. She started her new practice in September 2007.

Nohlene’s practice does audits for sectional title schemes, and she is thinking of branching out into property management too. She says that she enjoys working with people and loves helping small businesses grow and succeed.

Nohlene has completed two courses with Paddocks in 2010 – the UCT Sectional Title Scheme Management Course and the Paddocks Sectional Title Bookkeeping Course – and is already implementing many of the things that she has learned. “We have already adapted out audit programs and financials so that they are correct and in line with the Sectional Titles Act.” She says that the two major benefits of doing the courses are that she has increased her knowledge and can therefore identify risks more clearly when doing audits, and that she can advise and assist her clients much better since she has specialised knowledge.

One of the most interesting things Nohlene has learned from Paddocks is that learning online is a good option: “You can study through the internet and it is very effective and saves time – a great learning experience, friendliness and efficiency!” She has also learned that many accountants don’t adhere to sectional title requirements when signing off on financials – something that she is able to do correctly.

In her time off, Nohlene has a keen interest in photography. She has set up her own studio and says that she specialises in studio photography.

Article reference:
Paddocks Press: Volume 5, Issue 12, Page 3
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