By the Paddocks Training Team

The format of the Paddocks Press Newsletter has recently been updated. We now offer a digital format of the newsletter and rather than a PDF document. Should you wish to PDF or print the newsletter, here are instructions to print each edition:

  1. You can print a copy of the newsletter as you see it in your inbox or online:
    Please scroll to the end of the page and click Print / PDF version. Alternatively, if you are viewing the newsletter online then select File then Print.

    Print the Whole Document

  2. You can print each individual article:
    At the top of the article you will see an icon Print indicated below. Please select this and print each article.

    Print Individual Article Image

The links of the newsletter will remain active on the Paddocks website indefinately and will remain for your reference.

Article reference: Volume 4, Issue 12, Page 5.

This article is published under the Creative Commons Attribution license.  

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