At Paddocks, we are constantly striving to improve the learning experience we offer to our students. One of the ways we are doing this is by introducing self-paced courses on 4 of our short courses:

It’s human nature that once we have made the decision to do something, we tend to want to start immediately, whether it is an overseas holiday or a Paddocks short course. With self-paced courses, no longer do students have to wait for the course to start, once they have registered. Once a student has registered and paid for the course – part-payment plans are included, the course will be accessible within 2 weeks.

Once started, the student dictates the pace of learning. The usual duration of the course is doubled, allowing a steady, easier workload, but students can also work as fast as they choose, perhaps completing the course in half the time, or even less!

Students still receive the benefit of constant availability of the Course Coordinator for technical questions and the Course Instructor, on the online forum, for content questions. As soon as the student has finished all the components of the module, the assignment is made available, and once completed, the student can move onto the next module. With self-paced courses, the next module becomes available as soon as a previous module has been completed.

Students of self-paced courses will still receive an official certificate from the University of Cape Town on successful completion. Once the student has completed the short course their results will be released to them. Paddocks and UCT issues the certificates four times a year.

For a full breakdown of modules and pricing for the available self-paced courses, download the relevant information pack on the links above.

For more details, please contact Timothy Gliddon at Paddocks on or 021 686 3950.

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  • B van Vuuren
    13/06/2018 13:35

    What is cost involve in the course? Can I do it through correspondence?

    • Paddocks
      18/06/2018 16:53

      Hi B,

      Thanks so much for your comment. We will be in touch with you shortly via email to discuss your options going forward.

      Kind regards