Template – Notice to Stop Irregular Use

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About this template

An owner or occupier must not use a section or exclusive use area:

  • to cause a nuisance to any other occupier.
  • in contravention of any provision or requirement of a:
    • scheme rule,
    • title condition,
    • registered sectional plan,
    • approved building plan, or
    • law or by-law;
  • other than for a use for which it is obviously meant, from its construction, layout and available amenities.

When the purpose of a section or exclusive use area is restricted by a registered sectional plan, no owner or occupier may use it otherwise unless they first obtain the written consent of all owners.

Law: Section 13(1)(e) and (g) of the STSM Act, PMR 30(c) and (f).

This form can be signed by any authorised trustee or agent.