Template – Application for Body Corporate Consent to Improve Exclusive Use Area

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About this template

The body corporate may by ordinary resolution (majority value of votes cast), give an owner permission to construct/place a structure on an exclusive use area. However this consent may not be given if the effect of the structure/placement is the creation of what should be a section or an extension of an existing section.

In giving the consent, the owners’ resolution may impose reasonable conditions. If any such conditions are breached, the owners may, again by ordinary resolution, withdraw the consent and the owner will have to remove the structure or thing place in the exclusive use area.

Law: Section 27 and 27A of the Sectional Titles Act, Section 10 (7) and (8) of the STSM act and PMR 30(g)(i).

If this form is signed in a representative capacity, for example by a director of a company that holds exclusive use rights, the details of that capacity must be inserted (e.g. director / trustee / member / attorney) AND a copy of the resolution or other document giving authority must be attached