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Two-day workshop in Cape Town

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In terms of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act, 2011, its regulations and prescribed rules, which all came into effect in October 2016, all sectional title schemes are obliged to prepare a ten year Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Plan for all their major capital items and to build up Reserve Funds that cover the cost of accruing expenses in regard to these items.

This practical two-day workshop deals with all the aspects of the law applicable to sectional title Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Plans and Reserve funds and is designed to prepare students to deal with the planning, financial and investment activities required.

  • Topic 1: Introduction to the STSM Act and Regulations

  • Topic 2: Reserve Fund in terms of the STSM Act

  • Topic 3: Risk management

  • Topic 4: Condition survey – identify, evaluate, compiling a list of “capital items”

  • Topic 5: Maintenance, Repair & Replacement Plan

  • Topic 6: Inflation and investment rates & opportunities

  • Topic 7: Cash flow forecasting

Trustees, managing agents, accountants and anyone else who needs to understand the legal requirements for reserve planning in sectional title schemes, as well as owners who need to ensure that they are not being disadvantaged by incorrect meeting procedure or a failure to abide by the applicable law. The course also assists the service providers and others who are interested in the financial decisions taken at scheme meetings, such as accountants, attorneys, property developers, property development financiers and others.

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