Sectional Titles Schemes Management Law and Commentary eBook

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In this book you will find the text of all the sectional title schemes management legislation, including the Act, its regulations, forms and the prescribed management and conduct rules. The footnoted comments on the text of this legislation contains explanations, references to learned commentary on the issues as well as references to applicable case law.

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These comments are intended to assist persons who are involved in or affected by the management of sectional title schemes to understand the effect of these provisions and to assist them to apply the law properly and to protect their rights.


What is covered in the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Law and Commentary?

– Definitions
– Bodies Corporate
– Rules, participation quotas and expropriation of common property
– Owners, administrators and buildings
– Miscellaneous
– Sectional titles schemes management regulations
– Prescribed management rules
– Part 1: Introductory
– Part 2: Trustees
– Part 3: Trustees meetings and decisions
– Part 4: Owners meetings
– Part 5: Financial management
– Part 6: Administrative management
– Part 7: Physical management
– Part 8
– Prescribed conduct rules
– Form A
– Form B
– Form C
– Complaint form page 1
– Complaint form page 2

Who needs this?

Managing agents, developers, chairpersons, trustees, owners and any service providers to the sectional title industry.