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This 8-week part-time online course teaches students the legal aspects of sectional title property sales so they can better understand how to serve their sellers and buyers and ultimately do their job with a higher level of expertise.

Compiled by Prof. Paddock, the course material gives students an understanding of the various consumer protection provisions as well as a knowledge of the sectional title management rules that apply to the transfer of sectional title property. The course will also equip students with a practical understanding of how to monitor the conveyancing processes which must be completed before their commission is paid.

This module gives the student an overview of the various property titles, namely conventional and sectional titled properties, an explanation of the concept of a ‘community scheme’ and a general overview of homeowners’ associations, share blocks and sectional titles. It also deals briefly with phased and layered developments. This module is intended to give the student a context for the more detailed examination of sectional titles that follows.
In this second module we examine the sectional title concepts that students must grasp so as to be able to understand the more complex concepts dealt with in subsequent modules. In this module we examine the sectional title scheme, sectional plan, sectional register, sections, common property, participation quotas, units, exclusive use, levies and much more.
In the third module of the course we look carefully at the description of sectional property in contracts. We start with the more usual situation where the scheme is registered and look at the range of possible rights that may be traded. Then we look at the descriptions that should be used when ‘proposed units’ and other rights are traded before the sectional plan has been approved or registered. This module finishes by looking at title deeds, restrictions and recordal of the mandatory membership of the body corporate.
Here we concentrate on various aspects of consumer protection. We look at the protection of residential tenants when the scheme is first developed, at the protection of purchasers of units generally and finally at those aspects of protection that operate for the benefit of the body corporate.
In this fifth module we examine the sale of sectional property. We start with “Pre-sales”, i.e. selling units and exclusive use rights off plan and before approval of the sectional plan and then we look at selling units and exclusive use rights after the register is opened and when the body corporate is operative. Finally we look at sales in future phases of the scheme.
This module describes the conveyancing processes required for the transfer of units, notarial cessions of exclusive use rights and scheme extension rights as well as the amendment of scheme rules.
Module 7 examines dealings with sections, including subdivision, consolidation and extension of sections, dealings with units and dealings with exclusive use rights in terms of section 27 of the Act.
In this, the final module of the course, we explain dealing with common property. We cover maintenance and repairs, changes, the creation of limited real rights and the alienation of ownership in some or all of the common property as well as a number of miscellaneous issues.

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Anyone involved in or who administers the sales of sectional title property and particularly those who combine the management of schemes with sales of sectional property, including estate agents, managing agents, portfolio managers, prospective owners, attorneys, property developers, and other interested parties.

Meet the Course Instructor

Anton Kelly

Anton Kelly

Personally mentored by Prof. Paddock for over 9 years, Anton is an extremely knowledgeable specialist Sectional Title and HOA teacher and consultant. Having been the Lead Teacher on all the Paddocks Courses for the last 7 years, Anton lives and breathes Sectional Title and HOA law, all day every day. There are not many issues he hasn’t come across before!