Advice Overview

Specialist Sectional Title Consulting Services

Our Sectional Title Experts are available to advise you on your particular sectional title or home owners’ association issues in two ways:

1. Private Consulting – Become our client. We’ll take your instructions, examine the documentation relating to your matter and, if necessary, inspect your scheme and attend meetings with you. We’ll give you bespoke and confidential legal advice, either verbally or in the form of a written opinion, write legal letters for you and so on. We’re also available to act as mediators or arbitrators or to represent you in these dispute resolution forums.

2. Paddocks Club – subscribe to our online Club and get access to our experts who will give you their ‘off the cuff’ advice to your issues. Because all members can see the advice given to other members, the Club provides members with a powerful coaching and learning tool. Other features of the Club include weekly video tutorials, newsletters, a resource library as well as digital versions of the Sectional Survival Manual, the Act and prescribed rules which members can search using our ‘navigator’ tool.