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Sectional Title Scheme Management

Starts 6 December 2010. Register now before the 26 November deadline.


Congratulations to the Paddock brothers

The Paddocks staff would like to give huge congratulations to our managing directors for their recent engagements. To the lovely ladies, welcome to the family!

Ashley and Rob
Ashley and Rob Sam and Keri
Sam and Keri


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Meet Sarah

Arlene Lanser

Sarah Ciapparelli - Course Coordinator.

Sarah has been with us for five months. Many of you will remember her as the coordinator of the Home Owners’ Association Management course.

What do you enjoy about working here?
My colleagues are great, and I really care about my students. I enjoy watching them learn and hearing about how much they enjoy the course: it makes the hard work all worth it.

What do you do when you are not working?
I like outdoorsy things like hiking, adventure boot camp, exploring and taking long drives, also chilling with my friends and taking time to see my family in George. I love the beach and anything to do with the sea too, not to mention quality me time with a good book.

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November 2010 (Volume 5, Issue 11)

Dear Paddocks Press Fan,

Prof. Graham Paddock 2010 is drawing to a close. It certainly fulfilled its promise of drawing favourable international attention to South Africa and I hope that it was a good year for you and your business, despite the tough global economic climate.

We are now busy with our Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town workshops for the tenth presentation of the University of Cape Town (Law@Work) Sectional Title Scheme Management course. For those who want to join the +1,400 students who have this qualification, the closing date for the next course is 26 November!

In this edition of Paddocks Press, I deal with the question of how the English and Welsh commonhold "rental diversion" provision could be applied to South African community schemes, Jen looks at the recurrent issue of enclosing balconies, Anton briefly examines mixed use, multi-layered developments, Rob unpacks the maintenance of garage doors, and I answer some readers' questions.

Kind regards,


Rental diversions

Graham Paddock

Where landlords are in arrears with levies

By Graham Paddock

An interesting provision in the standard "Community Statement" prescribed under the Commonhold legislation (England and Wales' version of sectional titles) is that the association can secure the "diversion of rent" from the tenant of a defaulting unit owner to the association to settle the levy arrears.

The question was recently asked whether it would be possible to introduce such a provision into the rules of a sectional title scheme in South Africa. (reading time: ± 2 min)

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Property owners’ associations

Anton Kelly

Mixed use, multi-layered developments

By Anton Kelly

What does Century City, home to Ratanga Junction theme park and Canal Walk, one of the biggest shopping malls in Africa, have in common with the little gated complex around the corner from where you live?

They are both property owners’ associations incorporated under Section 21 of the Companies Act.

Large property developments such as Century City can be organised under a single, overarching management body, or property owners’ association, that has subsidiary schemes that cater for a variety of development needs. These could be commercial, residential, leisure and retirement. (reading time: ± 1 min)

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Student profile


Carmel David

By the newsletter team

Student Carmel David is currently completing the Sectional Title Scheme Management course and will be attending the Johannesburg workshop this week. She took a moment out of preparing to share a bit about herself.

Carmel works as a portfolio manager at BCMS in Johannesburg. Her experience of the Sectional Title Scheme Management course has been very positive. Carmel say she has learned much more in the last six months than she ever expected. She felt supported every step of the way. (reading time: 1 min)

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Rob Paddock

Garage door maintenance

By Rob Paddock

These days, developers of sectional title schemes generally opt for open underground parking, as opposed to the individual ground level garages of days gone by. For owners in older blocks, garage door maintenance is a reality and should be included on their annual to-do list. Garage doors get a lot more use than most unit owners realise.

There are several different types of garage doors available. In this article, we provide general advice for all types of doors, with a few specific considerations and cautions for the older "canopy" doors. (reading time: ±2 min)

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Jennifer Paddock

Enclosing balconies in sectional title

By Jennifer Paddock

Balcony enclosure is a troublesome subject in sectional title. When trustees are considering a balcony enclosure application, they should go through the following questions and take into account the considerations set out below.

The nature of the balcony, whether the balcony forms part of the section, whether the balcony forms part of the common property, bulk, engineering issues and harmonious appearance. (reading time: ±2 min)

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Q&A with the Professor

Graham Paddock

Monthly Q&A

By Prof Graham Paddock

This month, we cover the following topics in our Q&A section:

• Voting in layered scheme
• Levy for undeveloped units?
• Refusing access to financials (reading time: ± 1min)

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UCT (Law@Work) Sectional Title Scheme Management course
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Registrations close: 11 February 2010
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