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UCT Sectional Title Scheme Management June 2015 Workshops
Starting Soon: UCT Sectional Title Scheme Management
2015 NAMA Indaba
Left to right: Mr Themba Mthethwa, Chief Ombud of CSOS; Prof. Graham Paddock; Mr Marco de Oliveira, Regional Director of NAMA JHB East; Mr Bryan Chaplog, CEO of EAAB; Mr Koos Croukamp, National Chairman of NAMA.
Prof. Graham Paddock lecturing.
Deborah van Veyeren, Paddocks and Maletsatsi Wotini, Western Cape Ombud of CSOS.
The Paddocks stand at NAMA Indaba 2015
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June 2015 (Volume 10, Issue 06)
Dear Paddocks Press Fan,
Welcome to the June edition of Paddocks Press - the last edition for the first half of the year!
With Anton and Carryn back from the end of course workshops, we are all eagerly awaiting the start of our 20th presentation of the UCT Sectional Title Schemes Management course this coming Monday. The course has been running since December 2005, and so far 2065 students have completed the course. We look forward to educating many more!
This month we have some exciting articles for you, which cover scheme insurance, developers reserved rights, don’t delay studying, a budget to levies timeline and some AGM aspects.
Kind regards,

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Body Corporate Insurance & Trustees
Is your Scheme Insured to Full Replacement Value?
By Björn Laubscher
Not only does the trustees’ duty entail selecting a suitable insurance advisor - preferably one that specialises in sectional title insurance - but also declaring the desired sum insured as neither the insurance broker, nor the managing agent can be expected to shoulder this enormous responsibility.
In this article, Björn talks about how important it is for the trustee to know if the scheme is insured to full replacement value. (Reading time ± 3 min)
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The Developer’s Reserved Right
Extension of a Sectional Title Scheme
By Zerlinda van der Merwe
Paddocks have been presenting at the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) Continuous Professional Development (CPD) workshops currently being held across the country, and a question that has been raised on more than one occasion by workshop attendees, relates to a developer's reserved right of extension of a sectional title scheme.
In this article, Zerlinda discusses the developers reserved right in terms of section 25 of the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986. (Reading time ± 2 min)
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No Reason to Delay!
UCT Sectional Title Scheme Management Short Course
By Anton Kelly
We have just wrapped up the 19th presentation of the UCT Sectional Title Scheme Management short course, and during the introductory part of the course workshops, the students introduce themselves, mentioning who they work for and why they did the course. It’s very interesting, because while many people do the course because their employers require it, many others say they did the course to increase their knowledge of sectional title management.
In this article, Anton explains why one should not wait to complete the UCT Sectional Title Scheme Management short course. (Reading time ± 2 min)
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Thinking Inside the Box - Blog post
Timeline: From Budget to Levies
By Anton Kelly
In this month's blog post, Anton settles an argument regarding which financial year’s budget is approved at the AGM. (Reading time ± 1 min)
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Carryn's Corner
Some Aspects on the Annual General Meeting
- Part 2
By Carryn Melissa Durham
In the previous Carryn’s Corner contribution, Carryn discussed some important aspects on the annual general meeting (“the AGM”). In this contribution, she deals with some of the other important aspects of the AGM namely the quorum and the chairman. (Reading time ± 2 min)
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Questions and Answers
Paddocks logo Monthly Q&A
By The Paddocks Club Team

  • Non-executive trustees and;
  • Voting, holding proxies, and disqualification as trustee if in arrears.

    (Reading time ± 3 min)
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Upcoming Training
UCT Sectional Title Scheme Management course
Registrations close: 19 June 2015 (Accepting Late Registrations)
This 6-month online course will provide you with a detailed knowledge of the Sectional Titles Act and the prescribed rules, as well as a general knowledge of the South African legal system and scheme management practices.
UCT Sectional Title Meetings course
Registrations close: 26 June 2015
This practical 4-week online course deals extensively with all facets of the law applicable to sectional title meetings: prescribed management rules, the law of associations, the law of meetings and the common law.
Find out more about this course.
Sectional Title Trustee Training course
Registrations close: 26 June 2015
This 4-week online course will provide you with an introduction to the administrative, financial, legal, and physical aspects of sectional title scheme management, and the trustees’ role therein.
Find out more about this course.
Home Owners' Association Management course
Registrations close: 3 July 2015
This 10-week course, presented online, covers the law relating to home owners’ associations established as non-profit companies, as well as those established as common law associations.
Find out more about this course.
Sectional Title Specialist Estate Agent course
Registrations close: 10 July 2015
This 8-week online course will teach you the legal aspects of sectional title property sales, so you can better understand how to serve your sellers and buyers and ultimately do your job with a higher level of expertise.
Find out more about this course.
FREE Basics of Sectional Title course
Registrations close: 24 July 2015
This FREE 1-week online course will give you a broad overview of the applicable terms and concepts in sectional title. It’s also a great way for you to try out our learning platform, before deciding whether to register for one of our more comprehensive courses.
Find out more about this course.
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