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Fun in the office: Paddocks Hat Day

As a team-building exercise, everyone was asked to wear a hat of their choice to work.

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July 2011 (Volume 6, Issue 7)

Dear Paddocks Press Fan,

Prof. Graham Paddock Earlier this week, I completed the new set of notes for the Home Owners' Association Management course, based on the new Companies Act. It really is an eye-opener and I would encourage you, even if you are not ready to do the course, to have a good look at the new Companies Act and its regulations. There are many changes, but perhaps the most significant is that the duties and responsibilities of directors are now dealt with in fine detail.

If you are a person who plays any material role in the company's executive processes, irrespective of the name you go by, you are a "prescribed officer" and subject to all the fiduciary duties of a director. Heads up! Many HOA managing agents will find that they are now held to these new and very much higher standards.

Kind regards,


P.S. Complete the Home Owners’ Association Management course and gain up-to-date knowledge of the new Companies Act.

Termination of a managing agent’s contract

Anton Kelly

Steps to take to terminate the contract of a managing agent

By Anton Kelly

The trustees appoint the managing agent for a period of one year. The contract is automatically renewed from year to year unless the trustees give notice terminating the contract.

In this article, Anton outlines situations where owners are dissatisfied and are legally obliged to terminate the managing agent’s contract. (reading time: ± 1 min)

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Twin body corporate

Mike Addison

Insurance policies, common property and the body corporate

By Mike Addison

It is my humble opinion (having at various stages myself been an owner, resident, tenant, trustee, chairperson, managing agent and insurance broker) that sectional title works very well – if everyone plays their part, that is. Things can go very pear shaped, however, when people don’t play their part, especially when all owners are not cooperating!

In this article, Mike looks at owners, the body corporate and taking out insurance policies for the common property when owners fail to cooperate. (reading time: ± 1 min)

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50 years of Australian strata titles

Francesco Andreone

A look into the history and development of Australian strata title

By Francesco Andreone

Australia has just celebrated the 50th anniversary of strata title and therefore it’s fitting to look at its history and development over the past five decades. “Strata title” in Australia is what we refer to as sectional title in South Africa.

In this article, Francesco looks back at the development of strata title in Australia over the last five decades. (reading time: ± 2 mins)

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Student profile

Newsletter team

Leandra Mouton

By the newsletter team

Leandra Mouton is a portfolio manager for D.G Ladegaard Real Estate CC in Vanderbijlpark. She manages a home owners' association and 13 sectional title schemes.

Leandra has completed both Paddocks courses in the last year: the UCT (Law@Work) Sectional Title Scheme Management course and the Home Owners’ Association Management course. Read what Leandra had to say about her experience with Paddocks. (reading time: ± 1 min)

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Q&A with the Professor

Graham Paddock

Monthly Q&A

By Prof Graham Paddock

This month, we cover the following topics in our Q&A section:

• Can a trustee demand his advocate be present at a trustees' meeting?
• Need for agreement on change of ownership. (reading time: ± 2 mins)

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