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December 2013 (Volume 8, Issue 12)
Dear Paddocks Press Fan,
In introducing this, the last Paddocks Press for 2013, I take the opportunity of thanking you all for your support during the year. May you and your families have a wonderful Christmas and may the New Year bring you all that you wish for.

In this month's edition of Paddocks Press:

1. Anton looking at the question of maintenance vs. improvements to the common property;
2. Mike dealing with 'Slip and Fall' injuries in the sectional title context;
3. Jennifer on taming disruptive people in sectional meetings and
4. Questions and Answers culled from Paddocks Club.
Kind regards,
Maintenance vs. Improvement to the Common Property
Distinction Between the Two
By Anton Kelly
The distinction between maintenance of and improvement to the common property is not always crystal clear. A rule of thumb could be: maintenance keeps the common property in its original state of appearance and functionality, while improvements add to or upgrade it in some way.

In this article, Anton discusses this issue and helps readers understand how to differentiate properly between the two. He also discusses luxurious and non-luxurious improvements. (reading time ± 3 min)
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Slip and Fall Injuries
Mike Addison Trustees Beware!
By Mike Addison
If somebody slips or falls or injures themselves as a result of a trustee or the trustees failing in this duty of care, the trustee/s could very easily find themselves defending themselves and/or the body corporate in court.

In this article, Mike provides his views on the matter of slip and fall injuries in sectional title schemes and he mentions a recent judgment dealing with this issue. (reading time ± 3 min)
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Thinking Inside the Box - Blog post
Taming Disruptive People in Sectional Title Meetings
By Jennifer Paddock
It can be hard enough getting people to attend sectional title meetings, the last thing you need is for a person to constantly disrupt others and events making it impossible to successfully complete the meeting.

In this article, Jennifer runs through seven steps that can be taken to help make meetings run smoothly and deal with difficult people. (reading time ± 2 min)
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Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
By Graham Paddock
  • Prospective trustee in arrears
  • Illegal alterations to common property
  • Maintenance of garage rafters (reading time ± 4 min)
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