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The Paddocks team is implementing a “Go Green” operation – we have started offering recycling services at the office. We hope you are recycling too!

Paddocks Going Green

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Mandy Paddock – Our office mum

Mandy Paddock

In many ways, literal and figurative, she is the “office mum”. Here’s some more about Mandy, including her famous banana bread recipe.

Before she worked at Paddocks, Mandy spent 25 years doing hospital work, specialising in cardiothoracic physiotherapy. She left her job in 1997 to help Graham.

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August 2010 (Volume 5, Issue 8)

Dear Paddocks Press Fan,

Prof. Graham Paddock There are just over four months left until the end of this momentous year of 2010.

In the sectional titles space, there are lots of interesting things on the go. The Sectional Titles Amendment Bill has been signed off by the Portfolio Committee for the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, so we should see that Bill become law in the relatively near future. And the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Bill and Community Schemes Ombud Service Bill are currently on the agenda of the Portfolio Committee for the Department of Human Settlements, so we should get finality on those two Bills soon. We will keep you advised of progress and give you details of the new provisions in future editions of Paddocks Press.

The Winter 2010 University of Cape Town (Law@Work) Sectional Title Scheme Management and Sectional Title Bookkeeping courses have started, but there is still the rest of this week left to enrol on the Home Owners' Association course. HOAs tend to include high-value properties, so "go where the money is" by learning how this hybrid type of ownership works.

Stay well,


P.S. Paddocks students receive a 10% discount when they register (and use “Paddocks student” as the promotional code) for a GetSmarter course by the end of August 2010.

Who pays for balcony waterproofing repairs?

Steve Broekmann

A look at the often-debated topic of balconies

By Steve Broekmann

Balconies are one of life’s little luxuries. They’re mostly a delight – great for a braai or to sit outside for a drink. But problems can arise, for example, if a balcony’s waterproof layer is damaged or degenerates, causing water seepage into the section or onto the balcony below.

The waterproofing is not there for the benefit of the owner with the balcony. It is there for the benefit of the owner or owners of property underneath. (reading time: ± 3 mins)

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HOAs and sectional title schemes

Anton Kelly

A look at how these differ

By Anton Kelly

There seems to be some confusion of late as to the differences between home owners’ associations and sectional title schemes. Sectional title is a legal arrangement in terms of which parts of buildings can be exclusively owned, in conjunction with shared ownership of other parts of the buildings and the land. (reading time: 1 min)

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Monthly student profile


Shan Rampersad

By the newsletter team

Student Shan Rampersad, the manager of the Durban sectional title department at Trafalgar Property Management, took a few minutes out of his day to tell us a bit about himself and his experiences on Paddocks courses. (reading time: ±1 min)

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Trustee nominations and election

Jennifer Paddock

A further look at these processes

By Jennifer Paddock

Prescribed management rule (“PMR”) 7 requires nominations by owners for the election of trustees at any annual general meeting (“AGM”) to be given in writing, accompanied by the written consent of the person being nominated at least 48 hours before the meeting. If insufficient nominations are received before the AGM, then further nominations can be given, with the nominee’s consent, at the meeting. (reading time: ±1 min)

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Sectional title investor tips

Robert Paddock


By Rob Paddock

There are a number of different motivations for purchasing a sectional title unit as an investment. Are you investing for capital growth or rental returns? Perhaps you are investing for both? Are you interested in buying an old apartment, fixing it up and selling for a profit?

One cannot offer advice for all these variables in one article, but we can look at a few aspects of the physical building to look out for regardless of your objectives. We can also look at a few ways of adding capital value to your unit with very little effort. (reading time: ±2 mins)

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Online marketing opportunities

Anna Malczyk

What property professionals should be doing

By Anna Malczyk

The property business is a high-risk, high-profit industry that is very competitive – and anyone working in it should take every chance to get ahead. However, many have not yet embraced internet technologies to help get the word out, and are therefore invisible to the 5 million affluent South Africans who are online today. (reading time: ± 1min)

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Q&A with Jennifer


Q&A with Jennifer

By Jennifer Paddock

This month, we cover the following topics in our Q&A section:

• Contravening the conduct rules
• Outstanding levies
• Hot water installation issues (reading time: ± 1min)

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Home Owners’ Association Management course
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UCT (Law@Work) Sectional Title Scheme Management course
Registrations close: 26 November 2010
Be equipped to manage schemes according to the legal aspects of scheme management with this benchmark course.
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