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This is an exciting month for Paddocks; we celebrated the 30-years in publication milestone of the Sectional Title Survival Manual, we welcomed Jennifer Paddock back to Paddocks and we are officially launching two short courses and a new private consulting platform.

New sectional title courses

After reading through articles in the media as well as through questions on Sectional Titles Online and other forums, it becomes evident that there is a need for more training in the sectional title arena. Paddocks is proud to announce the launch of the Short Learning Programme initiative – a series of part-time online short courses that have been designed to increase the competence of sectional title service providers and in this way promote a higher standard of service to sectional title bodies corporate.
The short courses are approved by the University of Cape Town, Professional Development Project of the Faculty of Law, UCT Law@Work and result in a certificate issued from the University of Cape Town.
The Short Learning Programme (SLP) series of part-time short courses will all be four-weeks in length, covering four modules. Students will be tested with weekly multiple-choice-quiz assignments. A new presentation of the course will commence every 6 weeks.  As a result, students can start studying when it suits them.  The new initiative will be launched with the presentations of the UCT (Law@Work) Sectional Title Meetings short course and the UCT (Law@Work) Sectional Title Sales and Transactions short course. There are several more courses in the pipeline.
All learning will be conducted through the Paddocks Learning Website. Students on the course will have access to ask questions to the course instructors and receive administrative support from the Paddocks team. Students will be able to download comprehensive course notes, watch videos and ask questions on the practical application of the particular course material.
The SLPs have been designed on the wave of success that Paddocks experienced with the Kwiksta courses – where students were able to sign up to complete short courses in a 30-day period and complete the course material at their own pace, but without support. The courses were quite popular, but we believe the added support and the UCT approval will provide added benefit to the sectional title industry.
Law applicable to scheme management is under constant review and it is therefore imperative to keep up-to-date. The Short Learning Programme aims to educate the busy sectional title industry and help build the level of knowledge and skills in this industry to a platform that all can be proud of.
The new short courses are now available for registration, with the first presentation of the courses starting on 10 June 2013. The course fee, for each four-week course is only R1,950. For more information visit or email Emma:

Paddocks Private Consulting is back

Paddocks are proud to announce the official launch of the reformatted Private Consulting Service. This service is now offered in the form of email private consulting and the team has expanded to include Adjunct Professor Graham Paddock, Jennifer Paddock and Anton Kelly.
Anyone can access the service through the Paddocks website and submit a no-obligations request by filling out a simple online form. The consulting team will then compile a quote and if accepted, will work with the client towards the requested outcome. Once the form has been submitted, all interactions will take place in the format of email communication. All consultations are completely confidential, secure and personalised.
Paddocks had offered consulting in the past in various formats – both face-to-face and private online consultations. From what we have experienced in the past, and after offering email consulting on an ad hoc basis over the past few months, we feel that this new format is great platform to be able to offer the considerable knowledge and skill of our experts to people from all over South Africa and Southern Africa.
The consultations can take many forms. For example, clients can request written legal advice on a specific matter, preparation or review of documents or scheme rules, interpretations of existing laws and regulations, practical legal opinions on disputes, or even private discussions around a community scheme matter. The consultation fee is based on an hourly rate, which differs according to which Consulting Team member completes the work.

For more information on the newly reformatted consulting service offered by Paddocks please visit or email

Article reference: Paddocks Press: Volume 8, Issue 3, Page 4.
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