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The University of Cape Town, in conjunction with Paddocks, offers this course in Sectional Title Scheme Management, which meets the high and exacting standards of the University of Cape Town as well as being endorsed by the National Association of Managing Agents.

This 6-month part-time online course provides students with a detailed knowledge of the Sectional Titles Act and the prescribed rules as well as a general knowledge of the South African legal system and scheme management practices, which is what they need in the complex task of managing sectional title schemes.

This course includes a one-day intensive workshop in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg at the end of 6-month period to prepare students for an exam the following day.

This module is designed to provide the learner with a basic knowledge and understanding of the South African legal environment in which sectional title schemes operate.
In this module, we define ownership and limited real rights. We look at what can be done with owned property and what limitations are imposed by the rights of others on an owner’s use of their property. We examine the different types of limited real rights that can be held over fixed property.
In this module, we examine the sectional title concepts that students must grasp to be able to understand the more complex concepts dealt with in subsequent modules. A thorough understanding of these concepts is vital.
This module is designed to give an overview of the operation of a body corporate and the rights and obligations of owners. We look at the concept of governance by legislation and by rules, and what rules apply to sectional titles schemes. We also touch on the functions and powers of the body corporate and the trustees, and on how owners can use their sectional title property.
This module is an overview of the appointment and role of the managing agent and his or her relationship to the body corporate.
Sound financial management of a scheme is the most important management task. In this module, we look at the legislated requirements for the collection and proper use of owners’ contributions to the administrative fund.
This module is a detailed examination of the rules applicable to a scheme, meetings of owners and the functions and powers of the trustees.
This module examines the requirements and operation of maintenance of the common property, as well as exclusive use rights and how schemes and sections can be altered.
This module looks at resolving disputes in schemes by negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation. Each method is examined and suggestions are made for their appropriate use and how to prepare for them.

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Anyone involved or wanting to become involved in sectional title scheme management, and particularly those who render management services to schemes, including managing agents, attorneys, estate agents, scheme auditors and accountants, dispute resolution service providers and trustees.

Please note that many sectional title management companies in South Africa require that their staff complete this course.

Meet the Course Instructor

Anton Kelly

Anton Kelly

Personally mentored by Prof. Paddock for over 9 years, Anton is an extremely knowledgeable specialist Sectional Title and HOA teacher and consultant. Having been the Lead Teacher on all the Paddocks Courses for the last 7 years, Anton lives and breathes Sectional Title and HOA law, all day every day. There are not many issues he hasn’t come across before!

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