UCT Scheme Manager - Sectional Title

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1 September 2017

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11 September 2017

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R17,000 (Incl. VAT)
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R15,500 by 30 June 2017
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The University of Cape Town, in conjunction with Paddocks, offers a NEW course on scheme management in Sectional Titles. This course is a updated and improved version of the popular UCT Sectional Title Scheme Management short course.

This 3-month part-time online course will introduce you to the legal aspects of scheme management and equip you to manage schemes based on the Sectional Titles Act and Sectional Title Schemes Management Act.

This course includes a one-day intensive workshop in Cape Town and Johannesburg at the end of the 3-month period to prepare you for an exam the following day.

Video coming soon!

Anyone involved in scheme management, and particularly those who render management services to schemes, including managing agents, attorneys, estate agents, scheme auditors and accountants, dispute resolution service providers and trustees.

Meet the Course Instructor

Anton Kelly

Anton Kelly

Personally mentored by Prof. Paddock for over 9 years, Anton is an extremely knowledgeable specialist Sectional Title and HOA teacher and consultant. Having been the Lead Teacher on all the Paddocks Courses for the last 7 years, Anton lives and breathes Sectional Title and HOA law, all day every day. There are not many issues he hasn’t come across before!