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The Paddocks team celebrates the World Cup

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June 2010 (Volume 5, Issue 6)

Dear Paddocks Press Fan,

Prof. Graham Paddock Bafana Bafana's progress in the FIFA World Cup seems to have overshadowed every other aspect of South African life for the past month. Whatever other ancillary benefits (and challenges) the World Cup has brought, it has undoubtedly generated a new and inclusive sense of pride in South Africa's ability to host and participate in world-class sporting events.

We closed early on 11 and 22 June to watch the games against Mexico and France. The spirit was fantastic! I certainly didn't think our team could play as well as they did when we beat France 2-1. Well done to all of them, and to those who coached and supported them.

Ah well, back to the grindstone... With the new intake of 121 students on the July 2010 University of Cape Town (Law@Work) Sectional Title Scheme Management course, we are celebrating the training of a total of 1274 sectional title managers. This course has really made a difference!

Bookkeepers tend to be very busy people with critical duties that must be carried out at set times, so they find it difficult to leave their offices for three or four days during the week. For this reason we are taking the Sectional Title Bookkeeping course entirely online. While maintaining the high standards of the existing course, from August 2010 it will be taught entirely online and bookkeepers will be able to do the entire course without leaving their desks.

Kind regards,


Does accounting practice still make us “GAAP”?

Clint Riddin

The importance of IFRS

By Clint Riddin

For those readers who do not understand Afrikaans, the word “gaap” means to yawn, and since some people believe accounting is boring, the reference to GAAP seemed appropriate. For some time now, South Africa has been aligning itself with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which means we will soon stop using and referencing Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP). (reading time: ± 2 mins)

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Paddocks family ties


About Sam and Rob Paddock

By the newsletter team

Regular Paddocks Press readers are probably aware that Paddocks is a family business. Paddocks, which was started by Prof Graham Paddock and his wife Mandy in 2005, is also run by their sons, Sam and Rob Paddock.

The biggest advantage of working together? “Trust,” says Rob. “It’s a massive benefit. It creates a positive working culture and that affects the staff.” (reading time: ±1 min)

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Monthly student profile


Myburgh Brink

By the newsletter team

Student Many Sectional Title Online (STO) users will know the name Myburgh Brink. We asked Myburgh to share a little bit more about himself with us so we could get to know the regular STO user and past Paddocks student - he has completed several courses with us. (reading time: ±1 min)

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Formalising parking arrangements

Jennifer Paddock

Rule-based exclusive use areas

By Jennifer Paddock

In many sectional title schemes in South Africa, owners and tenants have tacit arrangements, generally established over long periods of time, in respect of who is “entitled” to park where. Many people really believe that a particular parking bay is “theirs”, although legally they have no greater right to use it than anyone else in the scheme. (reading time: ±1 min)

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A feasible composting solution

Robert Paddock


By Rob Paddock

Many home owners with gardens in South Africa have some kind of composting system in operation, and are able to turn their organic kitchen and garden waste into useful compost with very little effort. However, for people living in sectional title schemes looking to compost their organic waste, composting is substantially harder.

There is a rather wiggly and surprisingly clean and odour-free solution to this predicament for sectional title occupants: red worms. (reading time: ±2 mins)

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Q&A with Jennifer


Monthly Q&A

By Jennifer Paddock

This month, we cover the following topics in our Q&A section:

• Contractually obligating owners
• Roof in dire need of repair
• AGM (reading time: ± 1min)

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Sectional Title Bookkeeping course (now online)
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Registrations close: 27 August 2010
Learn the legal aspects of home owners’ association (HOA) management.
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