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Farewell Kate!
Kate Blake
This month we sadly say farewell to a long-standing member of our team, Kate Blake.

We thank Kate sincerely for her valuable contribution to Paddocks over the past 5 years and wish her all the best for the future.

She will definitely be missed!
67 Minutes for Madiba
Team Paddocks 
This year for Mandela Day we
decided to make some homemade butternut soup for The Haven Night Shelter.
Paddocks Team Building
The Paddocks team building event put our detective and  communication skills to the test.

We had a great day at Hint Hunt South Africa!
Team Home Owners' Association
Team HOA 
Team Sectional Title 
 Team ST
Paddocks is Expecting
Baby Paddocks
As you know Paddocks is a family business and this December our family will grow by one.

Jennifer Paddock!
Have you noticed the new Google+ button under Socialise  with us?

Paddocks are now proud members of Google+ add us to your circle!
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July 2014 (Volume 9, Issue 07)
Dear Paddocks Press Fan,
Attached please find the July edition of Paddock Press, filled with interesting and timely articles.

In this edition I look at the effect of the forthcoming reduction in the “official” interest rate that applies to arrears, and particularly what schemes need to do to justify charging higher interest rates.

looks at situations in which a scheme’s management and conduct rules conflict - yes, it happens,

examines the situation where a scheme amends its financial year-end, and the particularly at the entries necessary to accommodate levy “overs and unders”,

Jennifer, in Thinking Inside the Box, unpacks the process trustees should follow before approving owners changes to common property

Carryn bravely tackles the vexed issue of pets in sectional title schemes, and

We share a few Paddocks Club Q&As dealing with levy arrears and disputes.

Keep well (and warm)
Kind regards,

P.S. Its the last few days to register for the Home Owners' Association Management short course .
Reduction in the Prescribed Rate of Interest
Effect on Sectional Title Levy Arrears
By Graham Paddock
From 1 August 2014 the “official” rate of interest on overdue debts will be reduced.
In this article Graham explains what effect the reduction of the interest rate has on sectional title levy arrears. (reading time ± 2 min)
Conflicting Management and Conduct Rules
Can a Sectional Title Scheme Have Irreconcilable Provisions in its Management and Conduct Rules?
By Anton Kelly
What does one do if a management rule said one thing and a conduct rule said another? Which rule would be valid?
In this article Anton discusses if a sectional title scheme can have irreconcilable provisions in its management and conduct rules? (reading time ± 1 min)
Financial Year End and Levies
Clint Riddin So we have the changed year end - what about the levies?
By Clint Riddin
Every body corporate must have a budget for each financial year and this budget year must run concurrently with the financial year of the scheme.

In this article Clint draws our attention to the fact that we have the changed year end - what about the levies? (reading time ± 2 min)
Read the full article...
Thinking Inside the Box - Blog post
10 Questions Trustees Should Ask Before Approving Owner Changes to Common Property
By Jennifer Paddock
If making changes to any part of one's home is always a big decision, what kind of thought would have to go into making changes to common property?

In this blog post Jennifer recommend 10 questions the trustees should consider when an owner is seeking permission to permanently alter the common property. (reading time ± 1 min)
Read the full article...
Carryn's Corner
Carryn Melissa Durham Permission to Keep Pets

By Carryn Melissa Durham
In the second Carryn’s Corner Carryn draws our attention to three of the most contentious issues that arise in sectional title schemes; parking, people and pets!
She takes a close look at the topic close to the hearts of many and that is the Permission to Keep Pets. (reading time ± 4 min)
Read the full article...
Questions and Answers
Paddocks logo Monthly Q&A
By The Paddocks Club Team

  • Blacklisting of owners who do not pay their levies
  • Owner debited with arrear levies & claims dispute. (reading time ± 1 min)
Read the full article...
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Home Owners' Association Management course
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Teaches students the legal, financial, physical and administrative aspects of home owners’ association (HOA) management. Course material covers HOAs established as non-profit companies and common law associations.

UCT Sectional Title Meetings course
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Teaches students to control and manage meetings with confidence through acquiring a broad and thorough understanding of the law of sectional title meetings.

Sectional Title Trustee Training course
Registrations close: 26 September 2014
Students will be introduced to the administrative, financial, legal and physical aspects of sectional title scheme management and the trustees’ role therein.
UCT Sectional Title Scheme Management course
Registrations close: 5 December 2014
Students will learn the legal requirements involved in sectional title scheme management. Benchmark course is sectional title management.
Sectional Title Specialist Estate Agent course
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Students will learn about the legal aspects of sectional title property sales. They will gain an understanding of the various consumer protection provisions and a knowledge of the scheme management provisions that apply to the transfer of sectional title property.
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