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A comprehensive course on meetings

The second presentation of the Law of Sectional Title Meetings Course is due to start on the 15th of March. A comprehensive course to ensure your meetings run properly.

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The Paddocks Team makes some music

Paddocks Team 
Paddocks Team 

Above: Team building over some drums.

Meet Karl

Karl Petro

Maintenance and Logistics Assistant

How long have you been working with the company?
1-year and 4-months and plenty more to come.

Why did you come to work at Paddocks?
There are always more opportunities to grow.

What do you enjoy about working at Paddocks?
Paddocks is like a second home, the people I work with are friendly and there is no-one that judges you.

At Paddocks I’ve learnt team work really plays an important role in a working environment.

What do you do when you are not working at Paddocks?
I spend time with my kids and sometimes just play with the playstation.

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The Paddocks Team

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February 2010 (Volume 5, Issue 2)

Dear Paddocks Press Fan

The recent changeable weather brings to mind Bill Bryson's description of life in England as like living "in a giant Tupperware". Our late summer / early autumn weather may not be stable, but it certainly isn't boring.

The year has started with a bang - we have 118 students on our first HOA course. We are also expecting a big turnout for our Sectional Title Bookkeeping Course run by the sectional title and HOA accounting guru, Clint Riddin. Owners will forgive you many trespasses, but let Clint show you how to avoid messing up their money matters or you could be looking for alternative sources of income!

On the GetSmarter front we have a course we expect to do very well. Run under the auspices of UCT's Commerce Faculty's Information Systems Department, the UCT Internet Super-User Course aims to take people who have a nodding acquaintance with their computers and teach them how to use the Internet properly and profitably. In the past the 'the three Rs' (reading, 'riting and 'rithmatic - for those of you under 45) may have been the key to earning a reasonable income, but today people need to be able to tap into and mine the bounty of the Internet if they are going to avoid being left behind. Whether you are a matric student or a middle-aged professional, your competitors are already working this rich seam - so it's time to buy your pick, grab your illuminating headgear and start digging. Sign up for the UCT Internet Super-User Course now at www.getsmarter.co.za!

Kind regards,


A developer's quandry

Clint Riddin

What developers need to know

By Clint Riddin

In the new-built property market, developers have become increasingly creative in the types of developments they design and build in order to attract buyers and investors. The original idea behind cluster schemes was aimed mainly at providing security estates, but over time this was seen as the minimum that a development should offer, and lifestyle estates have become the order of the day. (reading time: ±2 min)

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Sectional title AGMs for dummies

Jennifer Paddock

A thorough look at AGMs

By Jennifer Paddock

In this article we set out the management rules prescribed by the regulations to the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 which govern sectional title Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

A few of the topics covered:
• How much notice must owners be given of the AGM?
• Why is the AGM so often held later than it should be?
• Quorum requirements                                        (reading time: ±3 mins)

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Basic conditions of employment for a body corporate employee

Carol Tissiman

An overview of the applicable Act

By Carol Tissiman

There are very few sectional title schemes in South Africa that do not have at least one full- or part-time employee working for them.

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act determines minimum standards that apply to any contract of employment. An employer cannot decide that these provisions will not apply, even with the agreement of the employee. The following article is a basic overview of some of the provisions of the Act applicable to any body corporate that has employees. (reading time: ± 3 mins)

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Insulate and celebrate

Robert Paddock


By Rob Paddock

Very often older homes and cheaply built modern homes will not have any insulation in the roof. If you have access into your roof / attic, pop up the ladder and see if you have any form of material on top of the ceiling boards. If not, then your roof is not insulated, and you are spending far more on heating in winter and cooling in summer than you should be.

In this article Rob tells us about the four primary forms of roof insulation materials to choose from. (reading time: ±2 mins)

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Buyers and sellers and the web

Lyndi Lawson

Online marketing opportunities

By Lyndi Lawson

In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis the international property market is reeling and while in South Africa the opinion is that things are looking up, general international predictions are all doom and gloom. Aside from the impact on the global economy, the people who suffer most at the hands of this downturn are the estate agents – those who make a living off the buying and selling of property.

In this article Lyndi looks at how estate agents can take full advantage of the Web. (reading time: ±2 min)

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Monthly student profile


Linda-Jane Haynes

By the Training Team

Prof. Graham Paddock This month we feature Linda-Jane Haynes, who has completed two of our courses. Linda-Jane owns a managing agency company with her husband. (reading time: ±1 min)

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Q&A with Jennifer

Jennifer Paddock

Monthly Q&A

By Jennifer Paddock

This month we cover the following topics in our Q&A section:

• Non-owner as chairperson?
• Pipe problems
• Unnecessary special levies?
                                                                           (reading time: ±2min)

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Upcoming Training Courses

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Law of Sectional Title Meetings Course
Registrations close: 5 March 2010
Will empower students to control and manage meetings with clarity and confidence.
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UCT Sectional Title Development Course
Registrations close: 19 March 2010
Will immerse students in the legal, financial and administrative aspects of property development under sectional title.
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UCT (Law@Work) Sectional Title Scheme Management Course
Registrations close: 25 June 2010
Be equipped to manage schemes in terms of the legal aspects of scheme management.
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Sectional Title Bookkeeping Course
Registrations close: 6 August 2010
Gain an in-depth understanding of the legal, financial and administrative aspects of sectional title bookkeeping.
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