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Women’s Day braai

This month was Women's Day and the men at Paddocks and our sister company, GetSmarter, decided to treat the ladies in the office to a lekker braai!

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August 2011 (Volume 6, Issue 8)

Dear Paddocks Press Fan,

Prof. Graham Paddock The Constantia Sectional Title Management failure is apparently more serious than first expected. Whereas the original estimates of the amounts at risk were about R18 million, according to the latest estimates this has increased to about R80 million. One hopes that the EAAB's fidelity fund has the resources to pay out claims of this magnitude if they can be proved. The EAAB's board and the Department of Trade and Industry must be wishing they had never agreed to have the Minister declare the collection of sectional title levies to be an "estate agency" service.

In this edition of Paddocks Press:
1. Anton discusses the duty of owners to maintain their sections, and when the body corporate should intervene if they do not do so.
2. Karen Bleijs gives her views and advice on the issue of ritual slaughter in schemes.
3. Anna Malczyk gives essential tips for drafting an employment contract.
4. I deal with some Q&As covering sectional landlords in arrears with their levies and a proposal to re-schedule an AGM.

Hold on for spring!

Kind regards,


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Units in continual disrepair

Anton Kelly

Laws that ensure owners keep up maintenance of their units

By Anton Kelly

We know that maintenance in a sectional title scheme is the responsibility of the body corporate. Or is it? Both the Sectional Titles Act and the prescribed management rules have something to say on the issue.

In this article, Anton outlines the obligation an owner has to keep their section in good condition. (reading time: ± 1 min)

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Ritual slaughter

Mike Addison

Freedom of religion and prescribed management and conduct rules

By Karen Bleijs

When Tony Yengeni was released from prison earlier this year, his family slaughtered an ox in a ritual cleansing ceremony. In itself, this is not an uncommon or remarkable occurrence, except that the slaughter took place in the backyard of his home in a prominent Cape Town suburb!

In this article, Karen looks at freedom of religion and what provisions bodies corporate must take to accommodate ritualistic animal slaughter in sectional title schemes. (reading time: ± 1 min)

Read the full article...

Employment contracts

Anna Malczyk

Essential tips for drafting contracts

By Anna Malczyk

Most sectional title schemes will deal with employment contracts in one way or another. Employers and employees alike need to read and understand them to ensure good working conditions and justifiable expectations.

In this article, Anna outlines six essential tips for writing an effective employment contract. (reading time: ± 1min)

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Q&A with the Professor

Graham Paddock

Monthly Q&A

By Prof Graham Paddock

This month, we cover the following topics in our Q&A section:

• Unpaid levies and letting of property
• How much notice must be given to postpone an AGM? (reading time: ± 1 min)

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